Sunday  6 \ 8 \  1439 AH

Corresponding to 22 \ 4 \ 2018 AD ​





College of Sciences and Arts in Khamis Mushayt

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Khamis Mushayt was established in 1418 Hijri for preparing female teachers academically and educationally. In 1428 Hijri it was affiliated to King Khalid University as a Faculty of education and in 1430/1431 Hijri it was converted to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

The Faculty consists of five academic departments:

(Islamic Studies,  Arabic language, English Language, Computer Science, Information Systems).

The Faculty grants graduate students a bachelor degree.
The length of teaching period is five years divided into ten levels for Computer Science and Information Systems. For Islamic Studies, Arabic language and English language the teaching
period is only four years.