14 - 15 / 6 / 1437 AH

23 - 24 / 3 / 2016 AD





The papers / abstracts submitted to the Forum of Colleges of Arts and Science at King Khalid University should be original scientific work written in English.   All submitted manuscripts will undergo preliminary screening before it is being sent to reviewers to ensure that the most significant papers are sent for review. The screening process includes checking of format, accuracy of the references and plagiarism. Once the paper has passed the initial screening by the editorial committee, it will be sent to at least two referees who are expert in the field for peer review. The editorial committee makes the final decision of the paper once they get the review reports. The decision with amendments will be sent to the corresponding author. 


Manuscript Preparation

The authors are requested to submit their research papers in MS Word single column double space Times New Roman format with a font size of 12 point. The manuscript should comply with the following requirements:

  1. The First page should contain title of the paper, name and address of the researchers with phone numbers, Funding information as foot note, Abstract and Keywords.
  2. Though the Forum does not have any page charges, the article with over 40 pages is likely to be returned to the authors.
  3. Footnotes, endnotes and references are required to follow the order of their appearances in the manuscripts.
  4. Corresponding author should get permission from all co-authors and the supporting funding agencies (if any).
  5. Complete references to all works cited in the article should appear in the bibliography at the end of the manuscript.
  6. Papers in the track of computer science should follow Vancouver system of referencing. 
  7. Papers in the track of English Language should follow APA system of referencing.